UBC, Inc.

After getting a referral from another Tampa area business, UBC, Inc. contacted us to get a new website. Their old website was terribly outdated and with a new year approaching, they wanted a new look. 

UBC, Inc. website design

As you can see, the new website looks professional and immediately communicates what they do. We had fun with some of the design elements, using a radar wave simulation as a background and decorating pages with some of the scientific engineering formulas that are the foundation of their work. The red, white and blue color palette reinforces the fact that they are a U.S. company.

Before and After Comparison

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As always, attention to detail put the finishing touch on any design and one of the most important details is ensuring the the website works well on any device.

responsive design examples

We are delighted to have a new Tampa, FL website client and look forward to a long-term working relationship.

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