Peters, Rubin & Sheffield

This was our second web design for these veteran Atlanta criminal defense lawyers—specializing in sex crime and child abuse defense—and they had some specific goals they wanted to achieve beyond updating the look of the website. Most importantly, they wanted visitors to immediately know who they are and what they do. As you can see below, this was accomplished by listing their key practice areas in a prominent position on every page. This image also illustrates the responsive web design, showing how the page layout adjusts to different screen sizes, keeping these practice areas in focus.

responsive law firm web design

They also wanted to showcase some of the more important awards and recognitions they have received. Having defended high profile cases, published books, taught classes and given lectures, they are recognized internationally as experts in their field and it is important to get that across to visitors.

Mobile > Tablet > Laptop > Desktop = Responsive Page Layout

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This example shows a lawyer profile page and how it adjusts to different screen widths ranging from a cell phone to a desktop computer. Notice how the content is prioritized to keep the most important elements at the top of the screen.

Who knows what kinds of devices we'll be using ten years from now? For now, we only know that the trends show an increasing dependence on mobile devices.

mobile screens

It has truly been a pleasure working with the lawyers at Peters, Rubin & Sheffield for the past five years and we look forward to the next evolution.

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