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Atlanta Web Design - ART WAVE WEB DESIGN - Web Development, E-commerce, Web Marketing Consultants


We specialize in custom WordPress theme design and Search Engine Optimization.

In order to get maximum search exposure and quickly achieve the highest search rankings, we specialize in building custom websites that combine solid search optimization with easy maintenance. We also tie in social bookmarking and sharing (via Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to encourage viral exposure and insure that you quickly achieve maximum ranking on the search engines.

Many companies underestimate the power of the Internet in their overall marketing campaign. It is a fact that most of your potential customers will check your website—and possibly your competitor's—before they actually contact you. Therefore, a website which effectively communicates your marketing message is an essential tool for meeting your marketing goals. Art Wave's graphic designers and web developers have the skill and experience to help you turn the latest Internet technology into profits. Our comprehensive package of services includes:

  • custom web design
  • custom WordPress Themes
  • graphic design
  • JavaScript
  • CGI / PHP / ASP
  • flash design
  • database integration
  • domain name registration
  • web hosting
  • e-mail hosting
  • e-commerce
  • site management
  • search engine optimization & promotion
  • site maintenance
  • strategic planning
  • CD-ROM presentations
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • web cams
  • e-mail marketing

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Responsive Web Design
makes your website accessible on any device.


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services: website design

Art Wave goes beyond merely creating a website. We work diligently to understand your business, your competition and your customers. And only then do we begin to develop a strategy for communicating your message through a website. We work consultatively with clients to ensure that every element of the website enhances the site's overall effectiveness.

Our top priority in the design process is to make it easy for customers to do business with you. This requires an attractive professional design with user-friendly navigation. We incorporate navigational cues to help guide customers through the site making it easier for them to find the desired information.

Another key priority is to make it easy to update the website and keep it fresh. This keeps customers coming back, and maximizes the return on your initial investment. We will provide a solution tailored to your needs.

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Key design priorities:

Make it easy for your customers

Make it easy for you to update the site and keep it fresh.


services: website hosting

Art Wave Web Design provides an end-to-end solution for your website needs. We manage all steps required to launch your site, from domain name registration setting up and maintaining the site on our servers. Going beyond basic website development and providing the hosting of your website enables us to offer ongoing technical support, site maintenance and updates. We also manage hosted of email solutions including Web mail (making your email accessible from any computer with Internet access).

Art Wave provides detailed graphical website statistics reporting. The reports show how many people visited your website and which pages they visited. Referrer logs show how visitors reached your site: If they used a search engine, which one? And what search term they used?

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We go beyond website development and provide ongoing technical support and site maintenance.

Our web mail solution makes your email accessible from any computer.


services: search engine optimization

Art Wave Web Design can get your site listed with all the major search engines, including Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, etc. But in the ever changing world of search engines—Yahoo recently bought Inktomi and Overture bought AltaVista—it is important to know that we have the experience needed to develop an effective search engine promotion plan.

We will research and analyze keyword competition and work with you to develop a budget and strategy for gaining optimal search engine ranking. We can also monitor the results and refine the strategy over time to ensure your ongoing success.

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We can show you how many people visit your website, which pages they visit, how they found your site, and what search term they used.


services: email marketing

As marketing experts and Constant Contact Partners, We'd love the opportunity to help you grow your business through email marketing. We offer a wide variety of marketing services, specializing in small businesses just like yours.

Find out how much more effective your marketing can be when you team up with someone like me, a Constant Contact Partner.

I also recommend taking a free trial of the Constant Contact Toolkit. It's a way to do all your online marketing from one centralized location, and it's a great way to grow your business.

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We're certified
Constant Contact Solution  Providers.


services: strategic planning

Strategic planning as it pertains to your website is the practice of intelligently applying web technology to effectively communicate your message. This is a consultative process of accurately identifying the most important goals for the project and making sure that all elements of the website work together to accomplish these goals.

For example, it would be a mistake to allow the technology to get in the way, but just think about the last time you were waiting for a flash intro screen to load and hit the "skip intro" button. (or worse: there was no skip button and you decided to find another website altogether) On the other hand, there are times when there is no substitute for a well done flash intro. The important thing is to know what will and what won't work to make the website most effective.

From the very beginning, Art Wave web developers will help you identify and implement features which will truly enhance your customer's online experience so that your goals will be achieved. This intelligent approach guarantees the greatest value from your investment in the website development.

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We will help you identify and implement features which will truly enhance your customer's online experience.


services: real estate IDX Plus

Stand apart from other agents using dsIDXpress. IDX+ implements best-practice SEO that you can’t get with dsIDXpress. IDX+ is so powerful, your competition won’t know what happened, but search engines will.

dsIDXpress SEO improvements include:

  • Built-in user registration
  • Facebook Comments integration
  • Favorite listings & saved searches
  • Collect valuable user data
  • Great developer tools & customization options

Click here to view more details

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This is a must have improvement for any real estate agent using dsIDXpress.